Friday, October 14, 2011

Rick Perry, Christian Martyr

I’m as amazed as the next guy by Rick Perry’s spectacular unpreparedness for a presidential campaign. How many multiple-term governors of major states would have published a book calling Social Security “unconstitutional,” a "Ponzi scheme" and a “monstrous lie” within a year of running for president without bothering to work out a talking point or two  about what he’d do about it before he started his campaign? I’ll grant you that “we need to have a conversation about it”—his words in an exchange about Social Security with Mitt Romney during a Republican presidential debate— qualifies as talking, but not as making a point. Who knew that voters in presidential elections cared about Social Security?

Unpreparedness seems to run in the Perry family. Perry’s wife has been standing beside her husband while he absorbed the slings and arrows of Texas politics for over ten years. You might have thought that the experience would have thickened her skin some. So how is she bearing up to rigors of a presidential campaign?

Take a look for yourself (via TPM):

Words fail me.

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Anonymous said...

The Perry campaign seems to have flamed out faster than any in recent history. Maybe that's why his wife is so upset.