Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Elizabeth Warren Doesn’t Say

Have a look at the video Elizabeth Warren’s using to launch her Massachusetts Senate Campaign:

Notice anything odd?

Here’s a woman running in the bluest of blue states, where Democrats enjoy an immense advantage in party identification. Yet Warren never mentions the Democratic Party or that she’s running for the Senate seat once held by Ted Kennedy.   Stranger still, she never mentions Scott Brown or the Republican Party either.

This is a state that Obama carried without breaking a sweat. You might therefore have expected Warren to ask voters to return her to Washington so she can keep helping him fight the good fight.  Yet she says not a word about the president who gave her the job that's the pinnacle of her career fighting for the middle class.

Warren wants to remind us that she has taken on powerful special interests in behalf of working families.  Yet the only one she mentions by name standing in the way of putting “Washington on the side of the middle class" is General Electric.  Its CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, is the Obama administration’s most prominent corporate supporter.

If Washington has been rigged you have to wonder why Warren's telling us about it in the passive voice.

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Anonymous said...

Clearly she is distancing herself from Obama and running as "her own woman" whatever that means.

To me, she comes across like she is trying to pull the wool over the voters eyes and acting like she isn't some hoity-toity Harvard professor who is all tied up with Obama and his regulation-ridden policies.

Will be an interesting race.