Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stick a Fork in Michele Bachmann

Why would Republican Tea Partiers, much less Republicans in general, want Michelle Bachmann for a presidential nominee when they can have Rick Perry? I can’t think of any remotely plausible answer to that question. Judging by this campaign spot from her Super PAC (h/t Hot Air), Bachmann's most dedicated supporters can't either:

Got that? Perry isn’t a “honest conservative” because Texas now spends more and borrows more in absolute terms than it did when he took office.  Set aside the fact that it's not very honest to bring that up without saying a word about the current condition of the state's balance sheet to put it in context.  What's the basis of Bachmann's claim to being a "honest conservative"?  I guess it's the spectacle she has made of herself by taking pot shots at people actually governing from the back benches of the House.

Stick a fork in her.

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