Thursday, July 7, 2011

Michele Bachmann, Unity Candidate

Maybe I’m naïve when it comes to Republican politics, but I wasn’t prepared for Michele Bachmann’s first Iowa spot. You might have thought that, addressing Republican Iowa Caucus voters known for their extreme social conservatism, Bachmann would be outflanking Romney on the right, insinuating that he's just another northeastern Republican-in-name-only ("RINO"). Instead, she's trying to appropriate the subtext of the Romney campaign for herself by calling herself "the unifying choice that will beat Obama."  The results are positively Orwellian.  Take a look for yourself:

So let me see if I've gotten this straight.  While the Republican leadership is busy negotiating the terms and conditions under which congressional Republicans will consent to raising the debt ceiling, the most emphatic plank of Bachmann's “unity” platform is:  “I-will-not-vote-to-raise-the-debt-ceiling!”

Try imagining what her “revolt against the RINOs” spot is going to sound like.

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