Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Shameless Apology

I can't believe I'm feeling a twinge of compassion for Anthony Weiner. Yes, his humiliation is richly deserved. But among the many indignities politicians now have to endure, having to announce your resignation from Congress over the din of constituents calling you a pervert and asking whether you exceed “seven inches” has to be near the top of the list (only slightly below having to explain to inquiring minds that you have a “wide stance”).  

It was yet another miscalculation on Weiner's part to resign in front of a bunch of New Yorkers.  Yet, by and large, he “rose” (if that’s the word) to the occasion he'd created; he didn’t make excuses, apologized profusely and even threw in a high-minded word or two about the honorableness of his political opponents. Have a look for yourself:

The one thing that’s missing, however, is even a fleeting appearance of genuine contrition. For anyone who could say that his “most important[]” post-resignation business is ”healing . . . from the damage [he] has caused,” heartfelt shame is out of the question.


Anonymous said...

Your readers are going to find it hard to believe as well -- i.e. that your crocodile tears aren't a little gloating.

He slept with no one; he didn't secretly invade Laos or bomb Cambodia; he didn't collude with Halliburton; and no one got tortured (perhaps) certainly not other than psycho-sexually ... He lied about virtual sex. Now, a reasonably average liberal Democratic Congressperson is gone to be replaced whom we know not. Somehow "hurray, we're cleaning up our political life of cyber 'pervs'!" is non-sanguinary given the landscape. Am I not paying close enough attention -- what the GOP Presidential debate? -- Ben Currie

Anonymous said...

What a strange post by Ben Currie. What would be wrong with someone having an affair and sleeping with a lover? Who would care other than the presumably lied-to spouse? What about wars and torture and defense contractors? All of that is part and parcel of running governments and countries. Deal with it.

Weiner was more than just a pervert -- he was a public servant congressman who couldn't control his immature urges and made a fool of himself and then lied and made even a bigger fool of himself. He has no place as an elected official and his fellow Dems understood that. Why can't you?