Saturday, June 4, 2011

More on Palin’s Culture War

I’ve argued that we listen to Sarah Palin not because we're all that interested in what she has to say, but because she raises her voice.  Her every publicly uttered word challenges the prevailing system of cultural accreditation that's supposed to determine who is worth listening to. Palin's chutzpah gives duly accredited people (and not just liberals) a welcome opportunity to condescend to unaccredited people, and unaccredited people a welcome opportunity to demonstrate that they don't like being condescended to.

Here’s Glenn Reynolds, a duly accredited public intellectual, defecting to Palin's side in the culture war (my emphasis):
“The people who think they’re smart enough, and morally superior enough, to run everyone else’s lives are risible. They’re not smart enough to run their own lives competently, and they’re actually, overall, morally inferior — I mean, John Edwards, DSK, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barney Frank, Tax Cheat Tim Geithner, just go down the list — and mocking them is inherently valuable. They pursue power, and they exercise power, as much for deference as anything else. Deny them that, and make it painful for them whenever possible. That’s my take.”

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