Friday, April 8, 2011

April is the Cruellest Month (Updated)

Ridiculously close elections happen frequently in this day and age. When they do, political partisans on one side or another are bound to be bitterly disappointed. We can only hope that a merciful God will distribute the pain equitably. Republicans are still licking their wounds over the exhaustively litigated election of Al Franken to the Senate.  But that seems only fair inasmuch as Democrats are just recovering enough faith to forget about what happened in Florida in November, 2000.

Could there be a crueller way of ripping the scab off liberals’ wounded psyches than what just happened in Wisconsin? After the Scott Walker Republicans managed to eviscerate the collective bargaining rights of Wisconsin public employees, Democrats' psychological investment in knocking off a conservative state Supreme Court justice in that state was recklessly exorbitant. Yet they had nearly a full day to relish their improbable victory (see, e.g., Michael Tomasky's thoughts here), only to have their spirits crushed yet again by the discovery of enough uncounted votes to obliterate any hope of victory for their side. Even worse, it doesn’t look like there was any Republican misbehavior that gives Democrats any grounds for some consoling indignation.

Maybe those of us who feared in November 2000 that God’s a Republican were right.

Update:  Maybe I underestimated liberals' capacity to summon up "consoling indignation."  Take a look at this.

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Anonymous said...

The ridiculous thing was for people to get that caught up in a judicial election in the first place.