Thursday, March 31, 2011

Waiting for Mad Men

The news isn’t good. Negotiations between Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner and AMC over the length of each episode and the composition of the cast are apparently at an impasse that’s going to keep the fifth season from airing this year. From what I’ve gathered, we shouldn’t be holding our breath for a breakthrough because AMC may have decided that time isn’t of the essence. It probably figures that Mad Men can now hold its own in the more competitive winter-spring TV schedule so the August-October-Sunday-10pm time slot can be used get newer shows off the ground.

Mad Men connoisseurs who’ve discovered this blog will know that I’m taking this hard. Here’s something to remind us of what we’ll be missing:


Mad Woman said...

I'll commiserate with you. I'm dying about this. I remember going through this with the Sopranos one year - we had to wait a long time for it to come back after hiatus.

My suggestion: get Season 1 from Netflix and start all over again.

Dave said...

Obama needs to quit dithering and resolve this Mad Men issue immediately. But once again, he shows no leadership!

Mad Woman said...

Dave: I don't know if you are making fun of Ron or Obama. In any event, I agree with you. Some one needs to fix this thing!

Dave said...

I'm making fun of those people whose knee-jerk reaction is to blame the President for every bad thing that happens.

I can be lighthearted about this because I'm not one of you crazy Mad Men fanatics. (Not yet, anyway. It's nearing the top of my Netflix queue...)

Mad Woman said...

Dave: Got it. (I'm slow on the up-take today -- I'm still trying to deal with the Mad Men news).