Monday, March 21, 2011

A Kucinich Primary Challenge?

I haven’t taken Dennis Kucinich seriously since his vanity presidential candidacy in 2004. It was one thing for him to run as an anti-war candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination when it looked like every serious candidate supported the Iraq war. Yet it could only have been narcissism that kept Kucinich in the race after Howard Dean established himself as the frontrunner in the fall of 2003 by opposing the war.  History skipped tragedy altogether and repeated itself as farce when Kucinich ran again in 2008.

I already have a bet down that Kucinich will mount a primary challenge against Obama in 2012. It hadn’t occurred to me, however, that it could be anything other than another vanity candidacy until I saw this surprisingly impressive performance:

Is it possible that Kucinich has acquired enough gravitas to be the lightening rod for anti-war sentiment that makes Obama pay attention to the dovish wing of the Democratic Party?  Stranger things have happened.


Anonymous said...

It is still difficult to take Kucinich seriously. Even a broken clock is wrong twice a day. But Obama's going to get it from every which way now. Pretty soon, he's going to feel sorry for what George W Bush went through.

Anonymous said...

Go K-man go!