Thursday, March 31, 2011

Imperial Presidency Watch (cont.)

I suggested earlier today that the administration is sticking its thumb in Congress’s eye by prosecuting military action in Libya without even consulting seriously with congressional leaders, much less securing congressional authorization. Make that a thumb and two fingers:
“The White House would forge ahead with military action in Libya even if Congress passed a resolution constraining the mission, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said during a classified briefing to House members Wednesday afternoon.

“Clinton was responding to a question from Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) about the administration's response to any effort by Congress to exercise its war powers, according to a senior Republican lawmaker who attended the briefing.”
This is astonishing.  Why would an administration that is so visibly unsure of itself when it comes to the application of military power go out of its way to invite a challenge from a Congress that otherwise looks indisposed to challenge it?

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Popinjay said...

This is astonishing, all right. What is the answer? Was Hillary asked? Are Hillary and Obama on the same page.

Ron, I know you've said that Afghanistan could be the impetus for a primary challenge, or could even cause Obama to be a one-term president. Now I'm wondering if it could be Libya. Or, maybe the trifecta: Libya/Afghanistan/ObamaCare.