Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bringing Home the Bacon

John Bruning, Nebraska’s Republican three-term Attorney General, is running for the Senate against Democrat Ben Nelson in 2012. Nelson, you’ll recall, is the guy who negotiated the Nebraska kickback (an exemption from Medicaid costs imposed on other states), in exchange for the 60th Senate vote in favor of ObamaCare.  He was left looking like a chump when the exemption nullified by a subsequent Senate budget reconciliation vote.

You might have through that in the present political climate Bruning would be trumpeting his GOP affiliation. But, unless I’ve missed something, you won’t find the word “Republican” anywhere on the “Bruning for Senate” webpage. In his first campaign ad, he has chosen instead to make an issue of the Nelson’s trading his Senate vote special treatment for Nebraskans by the federal government.

The point of the ad isn’t just that Nelson made a bad deal in behalf of Nebraskans and then got outfoxed by his Democratic colleagues before he could collect on his side of the bargain . It’s that it was not only stupid, but shameful, for him to have even contemplated trading his Senate vote for special favors for his constituents. Have you ever seen a Senate candidate challenge an incumbent because he earnestly tried bring home the bacon? Well, watch this:

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