Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Oscar Nominations Gripe

Take this observation about this morning’s Oscar nominations with a grain of salt because I haven’t seen about half the Best Picture nominees. (I live in Manhattan, where going to the movies is an exercise in masochism, and most of the Oscar-nominated films are still languishing near the back of my Netflix queue.) Based on my limited experience, I can’t quarrel with the nomination of The Social Network, The King’s Speech or (the unexpectedly wonderful) Winter’s Bone.

But I’m having a hard time believing that Ben Affleck’s The Town didn’t make the bloated Best Picture roster, or at least earn Affleck a Best Director nomination. Jeremy Renner’s Best Supporting Actor nomination is small consolation. All by itself, the scene where Renner pauses to take a sip from a discarded paper cup before going out for a final shoot-out with the cops puts The Town in an entirely different league than Inception and The Kids are All Right. Does Hollywood bear some kind grudge against Ben Affleck?


Anonymous said...

OMG - I know what you mean by that scene!!! I was biting my fingernails. Jeremy Renner was amazing. And to put that scene in the movie showed me that Ben Affleck knows how to make a movie. I can't believe that The Town didn't make the final cut.

Anonymous said...

J Lo had him blacklisted after they broke up.