Monday, January 3, 2011

Is Liberalism Inherently Lawless?

Here’s Darrell Issa previewing the main theme of relentless Republican congressional oversight of Obama administration over the next two years:

Notice that Issa isn't denying that our political economy cries out for public regulation. He's laying out a case for the general proposition that, when liberals tackle social pathologies, the cure is usually going to be worse than the disease because liberal government is: (1) inherently undemocratic inasmuch as it depends on a massive delegation of public authority from elected legislators to unelected bureaucrats; and (2) inherently corrupt because it depends on the administration of public slush funds that present faceless bureaucrats with an irresistible temptation to reward the administration’s political friends and punish its political enemies.  The first two years of the Obama administration haven't made Issa's general thesis any less plausible.

The way Issa handles this tough interview suggests that he'll be a formidable messenger. Liberals will need a better rebuttal to his message than I've heard so far.

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