Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cheney’s Victory Lap (Updated)

Have a look at a surprisingly vigorous Dick Cheney taking a victory lap in his contest with Obama over the prosecution of the “War on Terror”:

The sound you’re hearing in the background is the grinding of liberal teeth. The last time liberals looked, they could still see the moral high ground respecting the treatment of alleged terrorists beneath their feet. They were happy to see Cheney step up to the plate as the most prominent critic of Obama’s anti-terrorist policies because they were sure Cheney would never catch up with Obama’s fastball.  Now Cheney’s circling the bases while it looks like Obama is retreating silently to the dugout.

Cheney’s plainly overstating the extent to which the Obama administration is following in the Bush administration’s footsteps. And even if he weren’t, it wouldn’t mean that Bush prosecuted the War on Terror wisely or that liberals should keep quiet when we see the Obama administration adopting regrettable Bush anti-terrorism policies. But you can usually tell the losers of a political argument from the winners by determining which side is trying to change the subject.

Update: Consider these words from Glenn Greenwald:
"Dick Cheney is not only free of ignominy, but can run around claiming vindication from Obama's actions because he's right. The American Right constantly said during the Bush years that any President who knew what Bush knew and was faced with the duty of keeping the country safe would do the same thing. Obama has provided the best possible evidence imaginable to prove those claims true. . .  Obama has won the War on Terror debate -- for the American Right. And as Dick Cheney's interview last night demonstrates, they're every bit as appreciative as they should be." 


Anonymous said...

I think Cheney makes a good point, so stop grinding your teeth. The point is that it is a hell of a lot different running for president than being president.

PS Agreed: Cheney does look surprisingly vigorous. I thought he was a near goner. Seems like a medical miracle.

Jake said...

Let's see if any Obama administration figure has the stomach to fire back. I'm betting some will. I hope I'm not kidding myself.