Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Study in Democratic Legitimacy

Although he’s reliably partisan and, from my point of view, reliably wrong, John Kyl has always struck me as an intellectually serious and unusually articulate senator. He put both his seriousness and his fluency on display explaining his vote against DADT-repeal on this video (as did Dick Durbin explaining his vote in favor of it):

Here is Kyl again, after the smoke from the DADT vote had cleared: "'No, I don't have any plan in place,' he told Fox News Monday when asked if he had a plan to repeal the repeal of 'Don't ask, don't tell.'"

Kyl will bend your ear off about repealing ObamaCare. Why does he regard DADT-repeal as a fait accompli? I know that DADT-repeal polls a lot better than ObamaCare, but not better enough to keep Kyl from sticking his neck out to oppose it. Could his resignation in the face of DADT's repeal have something to do with the fact that it happened through a straight up-or-down vote without the parliamentary shenanigans that have characterized this Congress? Would people like Kyl dare to talk about repealing ObamaCare if it had a similar procedural pedigree?

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Anonymous said...

You may be on to something here. Sounds like you figured him out.