Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Christine O’Donnell Campaign Spot

Here's Christine O'Donnell's latest campaign add:

And here’s Jonathan Chait, proving once again that nobody dishes liberal derision better than he does:
“For the record, the accusation is not that she is a witch, but that she ‘dabbled in witchcraft.’ And, actually, this isn't an accusation but her own admission. Given that nobody is claiming she is currently a witch, it's interesting that O'Donnell is bringing up the charge herself. It suggests a guilty frame of mind.”
Let’s translate what O’Donnell and Chait have said into plain terms that facilitate a meaningful comparison of their respective messages.

She ’s saying to voters that, since I’m a lot like you in pertinent respects, the people calling me an airhead also think that a lot of you are airheads with political views that are beyond the pale. Isn’t it time we all stopped listening to these assholes?

He’s saying that, if hearing O’Donnell’s confession about “dabbl[ing] into” witchcraft didn’t convince you that she’s an airhead, her efforts to convince us that she isn’t prove beyond all doubt that she is. Can you believe that this airhead would actually run for the Senate and there are a lot of airheads in Delaware who will actually vote for her?

I’m still chuckling, appreciatively at Chait’s words and derisively at O’Donnell’s because, like most of the people reading this blog, I’m a lot more at home viewing the world from his standpoint than from hers. But note the possibility that they're both saying things that are perfectly defensible from their respective standpoints.  Can someone explain to me why Chait’s (and our) standpoint is any less parochial than O’Donnell’s?


Anonymous said...

Don't you have any intellectual standards? The difference between O'Donnell and Chait is that she's an ignorant idiot and he's smart and informed!

Anonymous said...

Come on, tell the truth. Haven't we all dabbled "into" witchcraft, maybe just a little bit. It never worked, of course, but we tried. Like sticking pins in dolls with your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend's name on it. At least O'Donnell admitted it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that explains all those shooting pains I've been feeling over the years.