Thursday, April 1, 2010

Getting Sarah Palin

I’ve written some (see, e.g., here and here) about liberals’ astounding incapacity to understand virtually anything about the Sarah Palin phenomenon. Tunku Varadarajan’s take on her is the best I’ve read:
“The elites hate Palin, in truth, because she is subversive. But her subversiveness has its bounds, and this is what makes her such a skilled politician. . . . Palin, it is clear, knows her own strengths. But she also knows her own limitations. She will not be president, and she knows that. (How could she not?) She may not, in fact, run for office again. Her last experience has left her scarred. (How could it not?) And so, Palin has retailored herself as a power broker, a puller of crowds, a gleeful Maroon leading her bands in raids on the Establishment, an ideological watchdog, a plainspoken Everywoman. This, one is certain, is where her true worth lies—whether in a “black leather dominatrix jacket” or out of one.”
Read the whole thing.

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