Friday, February 26, 2010

More on the Millennials

Yesterday, I wondered whether the fact that people born after 1981 (the “Millennials) are more likely to self-identify as “liberals” than other age cohorts means that they’re as committed as their ideological elders to redistributive policies like healthcare reform. A Pew Research Report suggests the beginnings of an answer:
“While Millennials are less skeptical than older age groups about the effectiveness of government, they are not particularly supportive of an expanded government social safety net. In the 2009 survey, those younger than 30 were no more likely than Baby Boomers – and only somewhat more likely than the Silent generation – to favor an activist role for government in helping the poor on a three-question social safety net index.”
That older liberals and Millennials share an ideological label doesn't guarantee that they're part of a single governing coalition.

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